Dark (and White) Chocolate Bites with Fruit and Nuts

Remember the Oven Dried Strawberries I made the other day? I mentioned I was going to do something special with them and here it is!!!

I am soo happy. I was so excited to make these that I got on it right when I woke up (of course, after doing my morning Prayer and Bible Plan 🙂 )

These babies are once again inspired by a recipe I found on Pinterest. The original post is definitely more artistic as it has more variety and color. If you want to check it out, click here.

This yummy treats are super easy to make. All you need are the following: Dark Chocolate (I used Private Selection, 62%), Coconut Oil (not in the original recipe but I added it as it gave better consistency), and any dried fruits and nuts you want for toppings (I used dried Strawberries, raisins, cranberries, pineapple, and Almonds)

Here’s how to make them:

  1. Prepare toppings and set aside.
  2. Line Baking sheet (or counter top)  with parchment Paper. -I placed mine on a baking tray so I can easily transfer them to the fridge for faster cooling.
  3. Melt Dark Chocolate in Microwave or Stove. If you will be using the stove, do not place chocolate directly on pot as it will burn. (almost burnt mine hehe) I put a little bit of water in the pot and brought it to boil on medium-low heat. I then placed my chocolate on a ceramic bowl that fit perfectly on top of my pot. I let the heat/steam from the boiling water melt the chocolate.
  4. Gradually add some Coconut oil. I used  heaping teaspoons  but you can adjust as desired, or even skip this step  completely.
  5. Once chocolate is completely melted, use a spoon to make the mini round barks on parchment paper. I used 2 teaspoon for each and ended up with about 15.
  6. Top with fruit and nuts as soon as you transfer the chocolate to the parchment paper.
  7. Let it sit while it hardens or place in the fridge for faster processing.
  8. Enjoy!

I made white chocolate mini barks for hubby because he does not like Dark chocolate. The white chocolate is definitely not a healthy option but hubs isn’t a super chocolate guy anyway so these will probably last for awhile 🙂 Will definitely make these again using more toppings. I’m sad I forgot to put chia seeds on mine. I just remembered when they were already hard and ready to eat lol

23 thoughts on “Dark (and White) Chocolate Bites with Fruit and Nuts

  1. My mother would absolutely love this. Definitely reminiscent of fruit cake and she is one of those people that don’t mind getting one for the holidays.


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