Katrina Jean Carter has lived quite an interesting life at only 25 years old. Born and raised in Manila, she has had dreams of living in the City of Angels since she was 14 years old.

She discovered her passion in fashion design when she converted male costumes to female counterparts. In the same year, she designed her Junior Prom dress and brought it to life.

She moved with family to Alberta, Canada where she discovered her love for fitness a few years later. Moving from a big city in the Philippines to a small town in Canada provided a bit of shock but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.

In 2011, she is finally in Los Angeles, studying Fashion Design at FIDM. With the knowledge she gained as well as the excellent performance she had in school, she was able to land a job as a Mascot Designer and Creative Seamstress in Canada. Her job in the industry was something she really enjoyed but Katrina yearned to have direct impact to others by serving. Diving deep, this is where her passion in fitness rose. This motivated her to attain a certificate in fitness training which she received in 2015 from International Sports and Science Association.

LaKatwoman’s relationship with fitness is pretty incredible. It ultimately saved her from severe depression (Read more about it HERE). With this foundation, Katrina wants to share her expertise and help women develop a positive relationship with themselves through fitness.

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In 2015, Katrina moved to Los Angeles when she and her partner decided to marry. In 2016, she has launched this blog and has grown incredibly after 1 year.

Katrina is currently part of Gwen Lane’s Influencer Academy and has collaborated with the following companies: Nordic Lifting, TaylorMD Formulations, Omega Seed Spice, Credit Card Insider , and The Cake Mamas.

She has partnered with Paje Refuerzo in producing her first e-book: Beginner’s Guide: Sexy From The Inside Out which you can check out HERE

Katrina’s articles have been features in OTV Magazine as well as

You can also find her featured in interviews by Hanna and Dainty Angel

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