QUEEN (A Poem)

She knows her worth

Walks with her head held high

Realizes her beauty, but don’t use it for attention.

Confident in her skin

Accepting of her flaws, but employs it to do better.

Knows the power of her mind and sharpens it regularly,

Sharing wisdom with those she meet along the way.

She loves fully, has no grip on pride,

and in service she pours her heart.

Always there for her friends,

She stands for what she believes in.

By the strength of her will, she endures challenges that come her way;

And with discipline, never fails to carry out her mission.

She knows when to keep fighting,

and when to keep holding on,

but most importantly…

She knows when to let go.

Queen, keep being you because there’s no one else like it.

Queen, keep being you because the world needs to see it–

That being YOU is being QUEEN

and being QUEEN….

is being YOU.

This poem is dedicated to Queens all over the world, with special feature to these lovely ladies who I personally know stand true to what was said. 🙂


60 thoughts on “QUEEN (A Poem)

  1. Katrina, I do not know where to start. This post is such an endearing and beautiful write up. Not because I’m features in it but because of how beautiful, empowering , raw, honest, kind, thoughtful, educating and touching this poem is. The fact that you’re sharing your spotlight with other women is a thrill and a thing of inspiration. I’m in awe of you! You have lit a fire of unity and together in me. There’s a flame to support and be a cheerleader for other women. To every Queen feautured here to the ones reading this and the others out there. I am proud of us all. I hope this post serves as a reminder of how fabulous we are. Well done Katwoman. #SheforShe

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    1. Aww, Benny that was such a wonderful comment. I am touched. I am so happy it resonated with you well. There’s so much we can accomplish if only we allow others to shine with us, too 🙂 Have a great weekend, Queen!


  2. Such a great poem, I didn’t know you we’re such a great writer ! This poem came at the right time, thanks for the feature love!


  3. What a beautiful poem. Sometimes women need to hear how they are seen by others. We need to be recognized, encouraged, appreciated and complimented. What a beautiful giving person you are to your friends and family.

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  4. Wow, Kat! I loved this poem so much! You covered SO many descriptions and attributes of what a Queen is…..and isn’t. You have such a way with words…..I love your writing so much. Can’t wait to see your poem on men. I’m sure it will be equally as wonderful! 😊


  5. Wheeeee… You are so sweet, thanks for the encouraging words. Being a bride to Christ like the both of us, we should continue to be the salt to spread love and grace around. Hugs. Love you soul sister!


  6. Wow, such an interesting and inspirational post. Love the way you put it down and the simple words and diction you used.. Good message passed.



  7. Hi Kat! I truly appreciate this poem. It not only speaks of fierceness that characterizes many women empowerment songs. It also speaks of having a quiet and gentle strength. Sometimes strength does not mean pushing things with our hands, sometimes it only means attracting things with our spirit. 🙂


  8. In my free time I also used to write inpiring poems like this. I believe this is a well-written poem. I couldn’t help it but to appreciate it. It is indeed true that every woman is a queen in their own little way — thinks smartly, stands firmly and loves fully.


  9. Hello Katrina,

    I stopped by to see how you were doing and to wish you and your loved ones a peaceful, happy and Christ-centred Christmas.

    I was blown away by the powerful words of this poem. And what a generous-hearted, affirming and loving thing to do to feature all those women. You are truly blessed to have such females as friends. Treasure them!

    The words that spoke to me were:

    “By the strength of her will, she endures challenges that come her way;

    And with discipline, never fails to carry out her mission.”

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and the accompanying photo.


  10. No complaints about not writing about women… I mean… we men 😀

    Beautiful words though. Loved the way you end it… there’s no one like it and the world needs to see it!! Simply beautiful.


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