5 WAYS: Cauliflower


Hope you are all having a fantastic time! 🙂
My mind has been booming with so much inspiration that it gets me so overwhelmed sometimes–but like the saying goes, “When you are overwhelmed, give thanks that you are not underwhelmed.” So, Thank you.

One of the things I want to improve on this year is my diet. Though I can say my diet is pretty good and do not consist of a lot of junk, I aim to consume more plant-based food from now on.

I have been experimenting with plant-based food for a couple years now but wasn’t really able to dive into it as much as I wanted to. Now, it is a lot easier as mu husband is now Pescetarian.

So let’s get to it! Today I am sharing:

Cauliflower is fantastic in so many ways. It is low in calories which helps those wanting to lose weight. In addition, it has a high amount of anti-oxidants, is a great source of fiber, and has anti-inflammatory properties. (just to name a few!) If you’d like to learn more about Cauliflower, click HERE.

I absolutely LOVE the versatility of this vegetable! Growing up, I only enjoyed it one way–with cheese. However, as I mature and learn more about the wonders of good food, this veggie easily became one of my favorites.

Below are 5 awesome ways you can enjoy cauliflower. Please note that these recipes are not mine–I only tried them! 🙂 Click the photo to be directed to the original poster.

    Photo by: @kirbiecravings

    Omg.. My husband and I have tried this recipe twice already since last year and has been a big hit! I love how it is easy to make and was very filling!

  2. RICE 
    Photo by: @EatUrselfSkinny

    I still love my real fried rice but this is a very good alternative if you’re in a low carb diet and/or just want to boost fiber and protein intake 🙂

    Photo from: healthy-holistic-living.com

    I still have yet to try this one but among the cauli crust recipes I’ve looked at, this one stood out most because of the chia seeds added in them!! 🙂 (In case you don’t already know yet, I’m a sucker for chia seeds! Read: Favorite 5: Things To Do With Chia Seeds)

    Photo by: @PinchOfYum

    I’ve personally made this sauce a few times and always enjoyed it. I love eating pasta and knowing my sauce is super healthy makes the experience even better! Also very easy to make! You can’t go wrong with that 🙂

    There are many ways to incorporate cauliflower as dessert but this one is chocolate mousse! Who would have thought? I made my own version that you can see on IG 🙂


These are just some ideas on how we can eat more vegetables everyday–cauliflower in this case. I’m very grateful that eating healthier is now extremely enjoyable! Do you see yourself trying out any of these recipes anytime soon? If so, which one? Share with me in the comments below! 🙂




50 thoughts on “5 WAYS: Cauliflower

  1. This is such an interesting topic, and one that I really didn’t know much about! Thank you for sharing, and for the inspiring pictures. I’m hungry already!


  2. I could never substitute anything for me. I love meat too much! I’m totally feeling the other recipes tho. The pancake, pizza crust and alfredo sauce looks divine. Yum!


  3. Cauliflower is something I really like from the vegetables. I am rather picky so, it’s a miracle. Anyway, I like Cauliflower in something that’s called “Tursija”, but from the recipes you mentioned, Cauliflower with Alfredo sauce is my second favorite way to serve it. Also, I must try dessert version!
    BS, xx


  4. Crazy to see what you can do with it! I don’t love the stuff if i am honest but I do like it as rice and i believe the pizza base would be great too. Chocolate dessert too! Amazing


  5. Get out of town, cauliflower dessert!? That does sounds interesting!
    I love making the rice, but the crusts never work for me. They always seem to break up.
    Have you tried making tater tots with cauliflower? So tasty!


  6. I like cauliflower, but seriously had no idea it could be used as a meat substitute. But seriously I bet it really is spectacular roasted and sauced like in that first photo. I bet you could make a whole Chinese inspired meal with it, with some roasted and sauced, and some made into fried rice! I’m tempted to try it just to see if I can slip it past my family.


  7. Oh my gosh! Everything looks soooo good! I couldn’t find the chocolate dessert (there is no direct link on IG and it took me back to this post). I didn’t see it in any recent posts. Would love to try it..


  8. I love cauliflower, but I always have tried them in curry paste and it is really delicious. I never knew that it can be used as rice. I love cauliflower but I always get an after taste which always limit my consumption of it. Great post and helpful ideas!


  9. OMG. Looks super delicious! I’d love to try that rice one, it sounds funny and yummy at the same time. 🙂 I have mostly used cauliflower for salads, I should definitely try to do something else from it too!


  10. I see myself trying all of them!! I am a vegan, love cauliflower, and plan to soon launch a vegan budget recipe blog (yes, in addition to my personal blog…I’m insane). I think I’m going to have to give all of these a try and then make my own cauliflower stuff too!


  11. I already make the cauliflower rice and the pizza crust but have never tried the Alfredo sauce. It looks delicious. The one I’m most intrigued about though is the dessert -sounds very interesting!


  12. I have to say that cauliflower is my least favorite veggie. I am interested in trying all five of the recipe suggestions you made in this post. A friend of mine made the pizza crust and said it was delicious. Thanks for this post. I have some new ways to make cauliflower!


  13. Wow… this is great. I’m just now trying to go more plant based foods along with starting a Paleo lifestyle and even though I’ve only had cauliflower with ranch dip or smothered in a cheesy cream, the stuff I’ve been putting on it is not Paleo approved. I’ll have to check these recipes out and try the ones I like


  14. I didn’t know that cauliflower was so versatile a vegetable. I will definitely have to try out some of these to include healthier things for my daughter.


  15. I didn’t cauliflower is possible for dessert or pizza crust, it’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing this, I will try it soon 🙂


  16. I’ve heard and done most of these except for the dessert! I can’t believe it’s that versatile. I am loving cauliflower more because of this post.


  17. I love the way you write your blog and these are such great ideas to incorporate more vegetables in a diet, I want to try out the rice one. Also I saw the chocolate desert one on your Insta, sounds amazing if it’s healthy too, basically magic ☺️


  18. I was just saying today, how I would love to try cauliflower in a different way and then I read your post. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and yes I will try them all!!!!


  19. I’m your newest biggest fan! I’ve been trying more cauliflower in recipes too – but I can’t get past eating it when it’s grilled. I don’t have the patience to turn it into something else. But I’m TOTALLY curious about your chocolate mousse and will give it a try!


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