Oats: 5 Ways

Really not feeling well today. Currently exhausted from balancing the things I have to do with the things I want to do. I  I know I haven’t been posting articles as much as before; but, I’ve been brewing some projects that I can’t wait to share soon. For now, however, I’m sharing more recipes!!

In case you missed it, 2 weeks ago, I shared 5 amazing ways you can eat cauliflower (besides having it as a side dish). If you love indulging in desserts and good tasting food that’s also very nutritious for you, you gotta check it out here.

Cauliflower aside, I’m so excited to share:


I don’t even know where to begin explaining my love for oats. But I tell you this: I can literally eat oats Every. Single. Day. I love love love how it helps tone the midsection. Not to mention, it’s a freakin great source of good carbs!!! I don’t have a big hips but when I eat oats, I notice my butt is definitely fuller! It is an awesome complement to legs and booty workouts. So without further delay, here are 5 ways you can enjoy your soon-to-be carb best friend:

1. Oatmeal

Tumeric Oatmeal By LaurenCarisCooks.com

I’m aware of the wonderful benefits turmeric have but I’ve never thought of using it in my oatmeal! When I saw this recipe, not only was I in awe of the beautiful and natural colors in this dish–I was in awe of how yummy it sounded! I had to give it a try right away.

2. Pancakes

The-Fluffiest-Oatmeal-Chocolate-Chip-Pancakes-4 (2)
The Fluffiest Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes by TheHealthyMaven.com

The first time I made oatmeal pancakes, it was so dry. Finding this recipe was heaven-sent! Fluffy and healthy pancakes? Count me in!

3. Snack Bars

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Oat Bars Recipe by: FlavorTheMoments.com

The photo above is MY version of FlavorTheMoment’s PB Banana Choco Chip Oat Bar 🙂 Tasted so good and definitely better when chilled–even almost frozen haha! I had this as my snack all week together with my prepped meals and it kept me full and happy 🙂

4. Bread

5 Ingredient Flourless Banana Bread by TheBakerMama.com

Oh man, don’t even know where to begin. All I can say is, this bread was 75% gone just 10 minutes after baking. My husband and his buddy LOVED it. And truuust me, the only reason why 25% was left in the first place was because I requested it.

5. Cake

Healthy Flourless Blueberry Breakfast Cake by TheBigMansWorld.com

Guys, I literally just finished having a slice just now. It was bomb. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try it with the frosting– however, I can already imagine it will be 10x better. Will make it with the frosting again soon!


Do you guys love oats as much as I do? What is your favorite way of eating it? Any favorites from the recipes above? Share with me in the comments below! 🙂



30 thoughts on “Oats: 5 Ways

  1. I am not a fan of porridge but the other 4 ways, hell yeah! I’ve not made granola bars in ages so think i’ll whip up a batch this week, thanks for reminding me. x


  2. I’m an oat lover as well it’s what keeps me going until lunch everyday. I’m loving the recipes that you have shared. The banana bread looks incredible and I’m going to check out the pancakes yum x


  3. I love oats! They are SO versatile, and these are some great ideas! I’ve actually got a huge bag of oats in my cupboard, so I may try something tomorrow! Thank you!


  4. I think I need to try all of these as soon as possible. Those peanut butter chocolate chip bars though might have to be first.


  5. I love oats, they’re so versatile and healthy! It’s nice to know where else you can enjoy oats aside from cereals and cookies! I also love making overnight oats!


  6. I make sure that we have oats all the time especially after I started with my whole 30 diet! It’s been really useful in the dishes that I make! I think these are all lovely ideas!


  7. I eat oats rarely. I used to eat oats for breakfast before I went to school. It kept me full for only an hour and then I would be hungry. I have hyperacidity so I had to change my breakfast meal. We are all different. It is great that your body likes oats.


  8. I’m a huge oats girl. 🙂
    Like I start my day with it. Sometimes plain, sometimes I add some chocolate raisins (wait for the chocolate to melt and oh, heaven!), sometimes with fruits.

    I hope you get better soon!


  9. Hope you’re feeling better now, Kat? I love oats. It’s super healthy and nutritious. That bread looks amazing!!! I would have finished it too! Share the recipe, please.


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