Booty Blast Workout with Ankle Weights (Free Workout Wednesday – Video)


Hope you are all doing great! 🙂 I can’t believe how fast time is flying–I feel like there’s not enough time during the what did I do? I decided to start my day earlier by waking up at 5am. I’ve been struggling with this since the year started but I’ve had enough of feeling behind on the things I want to do. So finally, this week, I committed myself to it and was able to do my workouts in the morning. I felt great getting it done earlier in the day especially knowing I did it for myself.

You will neverchange your lifeuntil you change somethingyou do DAILY

Starting my day earlier isn’t the only one I plan on changing in my life. I’ve been reflecting heavily lately and asked myself what the best me would do with what I have now. That included monthly nature trips. I went on a hike with some good friends last week and we all enjoyed it! Now, we aim to go on a nature adventure at least twice a month if not, weekly.

Eaton Canyon Trail

Hiking is definitely a great way to change up your exercise routine and a wonderful option for an active rest day. Your lower body will be completely worked out!

Speaking of lower body workouts, here’s one for you: Booty Blast Workout With Ankle Weights! Many of you already know how much I love this equipment so I’d like to show my appreciation for it by giving you guys a free ankle weight workout. 🙂 Your glutes will thank you!

Disclaimer and FULL Workout breakdown is available in the video.
Don’t hesitate to watch–it’s LESS than a minute and 30 sec! 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Booty Blast Workout with Ankle Weights (Free Workout Wednesday – Video)

  1. These workout moves look fun. I’ve tried the donkey kicks a couple of times. My glutes and inner thigh felt it like crazy.

    Interesting video, Kat! Well edited. You look good doing all those power moves. Go girl!!!


  2. This looks like an awesome workout! I have been lacking in motivation lately, but really need to get back on my game!


  3. oh boy, this serves as a reminder that warmer weather will be here soon. I totally need to start toning up. The winter has been too long.


  4. Love your dedication, Kat! And love how you add new things to your life…always looking to be the best you can be. And….I love the names you give to your exercises….like the fire hydrant. 😊


  5. I think hiking is awesome, it’s definitely a great way to exercise especially since you’re going to be enjoying lovely sights as you walk. Thanks for the exercise video!


  6. Hiking is a nice exercise especially when you’re with family or friends. It’s a nice way to spend time with them while being able to do the workout that you need for that day!


  7. Wow, gotta go check this video as soon I finish with this comment, the workout looks so freaking intense and I can work up a sweat.


  8. This looks like a good workout. I really need to find workouts I can do outside of the gym. Thank you for sharing.


  9. We went on a similar trip some times back and then we decided we should do it like at least once every month. We had so much of cardio done on the trip


  10. Hiking is amazing when you have beautiful terrain and trails to admire too. adding weights when you do a work out is one of my favourite ways to keep fit at home!


  11. I used to do my morning rutine of exercises, because i felt my body was tired if i did it at night, also I love your idea of skiping the routine and doing something different at least twice a month. Once i start feeling better (im sick by the moment) i’ll start doing the booty workout! my body will thank you for it!


  12. I have been trying to wake up early in the morning since so many months now but have hardly got any success. I really admire how you dedicatedly work towards your passion of exercising and hiking. The video’s inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


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