10 Combo Moves You Can Add To Your Training (with video)


FEBRUARY IS HERE!! How did your January go?
Mine went by super quick! The whole month was busy but I’m finally starting to gain better grip on my schedule.

I hope you are all still going strong with your fitness resolutions but if you are guilty of breaking it already, don’t beat yourself up–bounce back and let these tips help you out:
sprinter-2Β  sprinter-1

Moving along… today’s post is inspired by “The Queen of Workouts” Alexia Clark. I stumbled upon her on Instagram a long time ago but only started doing her workouts late last year.

Alexia Clark’s workouts are mostly comprised of compound full-body moves. I don’t normally engage in full-body weighted workouts in place of my weight lifting routine as I operate better when only parts (and not my whole body) is sore. However, making and doingΒ my own stuff can feel repetitive and difficult sometimes so finding this was truly a gem–I enjoyed doing the moves so much that IΒ was inspired to curate my own and share 10 that you can incorporate in your training! Are you ready? Watch the video below (pssst, it’s ONLY less than 3 minutes–yess!!)

Which exercises did you like best from the video? Share with me below–would also love feedback!


95 thoughts on “10 Combo Moves You Can Add To Your Training (with video)

    1. Commit yourself to working out regularly for 3 months. Just 3 months πŸ™‚ That will give you enough time to develop discipline and innate motivation and see great results! After 3 months you won’t go back πŸ™‚


  1. These are great moves! Some of them require more balance and strength than I possess but I do have weights and am willing to try them in the house (where, if I topple over, no one will notice!).


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