How to get your exercise in when you REALLY can’t find the time

Hi, everyone!

Throughout my years of training, quite a number of people expressed to me how much they would love to get fit “if only they had time to do it.” There are a number of reasons for us to be deemed busy: you could be a full-time student, a full-time employee, have kids, or maybe even all of it!

I am going to tell you something you probably have heard before…..we ALL have 24 hours in a day!

Some of you might say, “But you’re just a housewife–of course you have all the time” and yes, I’m fortunate to have as much free time right now but trust me, that wasn’t always the case. When I was working my first full-time job as a mascot prototype maker, work started at 7:30 and ended at 4pm. Since I lived in the country side, I drove 1 hour going to work and another hour going back. I knew that I’d be too exhausted after working the whole day that I would wake up at 4am everyday to get my workout in. There was also a 6-month period wherein I was working multiple jobs (1 full-time, and 2 part-time to be exact) and doing online courses for my Fitness Trainer Certification on top of that. I would get home at around 10:30-almost 11pm Mondays to Saturdays. I now know that I overworked myself; but, at that time, I was saving as much money as I could (and quick) for relocation. I would, once again, wake up earlier to get my workout in even if it meant just engaging in a short 15 minute HIIT workout–believe me, they do wonders! You do NOT have to spend hours working out! I made it work and stayed fit through it all!

I give myself breaks whenever I feel my body and/or spirit desperately needs it. I remind myself that rest is productive, too! In days where I would decide to skip a workout, I will still do my best to squeeze in exercises while doing everyday tasks. Want to know how? Keep reading! 🙂


  • Squats
    This workout doesn’t require much space at all! Personally (on off days), I try to do 20-25 each time I use the bathroom. Let’s say you go a total of 5 times and did 20 squats for each time you went, that’s 100 squats in a day!
  • Jump Squats
    If you want to switch it up, you can do this instead of the regular squat! It requires more effort so you can lessen the reps if you like.
  • “Invisible Wall” Sit on Toilet
    Every time you go to the bathroom to pee, try just hovering above it without touching the seat (but making sure you do not make a mess!) If you have really long pee breaks, you will feel some burn on your quads! 🙂
    Note: I do not recommend this to guys.
  • Calf Raises
    Another goody you can do almost anywhere! While you’re washing your hands, brushing your teeth, waiting for the stuff you are copying or printing out, while waiting at the bus/train stop or even at the grocery line if you have the guts to!
  • Ab Holds
    We all sit during the day–whether you’re typing stuff out (like I am right now) or getting your nails done–whatever the reason may be, consciously tighten your core for as long as you can! Give yourself a short break, and do it again!

    These are some of the things I do to get me going even on a busy day! What about you? 🙂 Feel free to share any of your ideas 🙂

    Also, if you are interested in doing HIIT workouts, my sister and I compiled this wonderful e-book containing a healthy grocery list, nutrition guide with meal ideas, and 3 months worth of progressive workouts! Only $2.99!!! FREE for Kindle Subscribers!! (click photo below)

    ebook (2)


17 thoughts on “How to get your exercise in when you REALLY can’t find the time

  1. These are such great ideas! I need to start doing these things daily. Working from home and hacing two little kids makes me feel like I’ll never get to the gym!


  2. Honestly, there are so many things that you can fit in a day and you just have to be good at time management. I always make time for my daily walks and it’s been amazing and relaxing at the same time.


  3. If you think that a 15 minute workout do wonders, I definitely should follow your advice and start training! Health is a priority! So no more excuses for skipping the gym! Pinned your post 🙂


  4. Making time for exercise is a true challenge indeed! But you have raised some good points. I try to do at least 15-30 minutes of exercise when I’m really in a time crunch. It pays off big time!


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