Apps I use for content creation on Instagram

Hey beautiful people!

Today I wanted to do something fun and share what apps I use that help me produce content for online.

The main agenda of this blog post isn’t just to share what apps I downloaded but to share what’s help me become a successful content creator and hopefully inspire you in getting creative.

A lot of my content is produced for Instagram, which is the place where most of my audience comes from (HI!!) but the apps I will be sharing (except for 1) will certainly help you with other social medias of your focus.


  • Photogrid – This app is probably the longest-installed app on my phone. Even when my phone is running out of space, this app will be among the last choices to be deleted because of how reliable I find it to be. Below is a sample of how I use this app for my content:
Before (L) and After (R) using Photogrid App – Available on both Android and Apple
  • PicsArt – Another trusted one that I’ve been using since I began doing social media work. I love using this to edit photos. They have really cool filters that you can buy (one touch edits pls!) and my favorite –their artsy stamps! Checkout a photo below that I shot and edited for my friend Jade. You can find her on Instagram HERE
  • Inshot – This is a recently downloaded app on my phone. I never had to edit videos in the past and for the ones I produced last year, I hired a videographer. However, it has become inevitable for me to learn (at least) the basics of video editing and this app has done its part. Perfect for trimming, adding music and filters, and ensuring it fits the Instagram specs make this app very trusted by someone like me. This app was actually suggested by my twin sister Paje Rey who study & teach self mastery as the key to freedom lifestyle & ultimate fulfillment. Below is a simple video I edited to add to a carousel Instagram post showcasing a quick workout
  • StoryArt – I used to wonder how infuencers find the time to make their stories so pretty and organized. Then a friend told me there’s an app for that! StoryArt is actually the second app I downloaded for story templates but it’s the one I use the most so I’m sharing it here. Below are frames of some stories I had where I used this app.
Instagram : @katrinajeancarter
  • PixelRetouch – This app has become such a game changer! Though I do not use this app often, when I do need to use it, it always makes the biggest difference. Basically, this app allows you to edit out unwanted things in your photo! Check out the photo below where I took out the trash lol!
Before (L) and After (R) using PixelRetouch App
  • Feed Master – This app has helped me improve the overall aesthetic look of my Instagram feed! I love how the free version of this app doesn’t limit you in the number of uploads. Because of feed master, I can plan out my Instagram feed in advanced and see what it looks like and how the posts flow together! I also love that I can write my captions/hashtags drafts right on the app and have a reminder set for the post. See the screenshots from the app below!

And there you have it, beauties! These are the main apps that help me produce consistent quality content on my page. Of course, the overall aesthetic won’t be possible without the talented photographers I work with. So with that, I give my credit.

Do you guys use any of the apps above? Which ones are new to you? Feel free to send recommendations below as well!

‘Til next time,

35 thoughts on “Apps I use for content creation on Instagram

  1. very useful apps indeed! I find it very important to take a close care of my insta in any ways. Your pretty story feed apps is installing on my phone now! I couldn’t find the app name and wanted to try it for ages! thanks a ton!

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  2. Ok so this is really cool. It’s like photoshopping for Instagram! I’m still debating as a blogger if I should invest time into an Instagram and I am still not sure but this info is sure to come in handy personally

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  3. I do know I should invest the time to learn to edit. I haven’t. The only filters I’ve tried are premade ones on Insta, and those I use very rarely too. The editing always looks nice when people take their time with it though.

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  4. Those are some awesome edits. I used to be into photography. It is crazy how much editing you can do from an app these days!!


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