One of my favorite days in 2018

Hey Babes!

I cannot believe this year is coming to an end!
It has been incredibly eventful and I’m over here still writing about my first Solo trip to San Diego back in May.

Fun Fact: I’ve been back to San Diego twice since my first visit. Second time around was with my husband, and my third one was during the last week of September with my good friend Nicole.

Though I enjoyed all my San Diego trips this year, I would like to share a day that stood out during my stay in San Diego. In fact, this day has become one of my favorite days this year.

It all started with a trip to Holy Matcha in SD. You can read all about my experience HERE. After my morning stop and shoot at Holy Matcha, I took the Lyft to San Diego’s Seaport Village to meet and shoot with wonderful photographer Jamie Hall of Pho Designs Official. The photos I will share on this blog post are all from our collaboration.


If you haven’t been to San Diego’s Village seaport, I must say,  it’s a place you definitely need to visit. The vibe is so chill. It’s a tiny “village” of shops from souvenirs to art and jewelry. My personal favorite is the Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse. There are also fantastic restaurants around!

Jamie and I slowly made our way from the seaport to downtown San Diego. Below are some shots outside of the San Diego Padre’s Stadium at Petco Park.


Click Here and Here to see the Instagram posts I made for some of these photos.

And the fun continues! After shooting around Seaport Village and Downtown San Diego, Jamie and I were famished and had lunch at Puesto where I tried their veggie tacos. It was so good I literally came back the next day and had them again!

Lunch was so good we nearly fell into a food coma (a metaphor for falling asleep due to fullness lol) but we weren’t done with our projects together so we stopped by Better Buzz Coffee and grabbed some caffeine. I will share my experience at Better Buzz for my next blog post 🙂

So, if you follow my Instagram, you may have heard this story before. This is the icing as to why this day is marked one of my favorites. After all the adventure we’ve had in the morning, we were off to the next one: Sunset Cliffs.


I had the most magical time at Sunset Cliffs. Jamie and I climbed down the cliffs and found some spots on the side in a cave-like area to take photos. We then ventured further out towards the edge of the cliff. Jamie had me laying on a rock for photos. The sun was beating on my face, ocean waves close by, and Jamie taking photos overview. I couldn’t believe it. What an incredible experience. I just burst out laughing. 🙂


I wanted to share this to give a reminder that the best days happen when we trust and believe in ourselves. It allows us to do things confidently and encourages us to step outside our comfort zone in ease.

It was a such a pleasure working with Jamie. He made me feel comfortable and beautiful and was respectful the entire time. To check out more of Jamie’s work, visit his website here.




17 thoughts on “One of my favorite days in 2018

  1. San Diego is a favorite of mine as well. The weather is perfect 99.9% of the time and there’s plenty to see and do.


  2. I love your photos in black (the first one). You look like a warrior princess. Your inner strength is seen all over your photos. Your confidence is inspiring knowing where you’ve come from. God bless you friend!


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