Merit Monday: FREE Resources for Peace of Mind

Hey Badass Babes and Gents 🙂

Still sharing photos from my first ever solo trip: San Diego.
The photos I will be sharing today are from my 2nd shoot and taken by Cassidy Skye – expert photographer of Wild & Whimsical Lovers.


In addition to sharing some of the awesome photos that Cassie took, I will be sharing FREE Resources that has been helping me keep my peace of mind.

Peace of Mind, for me, is the true definition of happiness. When you are one in mind, body, and spirit.

(Fun fact: this was the first revelation to me under medicinal cannabis haha!)

Going on, I would like to share that I started a new regime in March of this year.
Personally, I was being shown how much previous experiences have affected my subconscious. I realized that my thought patterns were not serving me anymore and the thoughts would affect my actions and mood during the day. I know it sounds like a “normal human thing” but when these thoughts only bring you down causing you to take actions your best self wouldn’t do, then change must be made.

I decided to consciously re-wire my brain by meditating, praying, and affirming every day since March. 5 months into it, I can tell you confidently that I am seeing the change in me. I have more control of my emotions, I am able to categorize my thoughts, feel my emotions instead of judging them, and I look forward to telling myself uplifting words from the moment I wake up 🙂 Not to mention, when. started, I was meditating for a max of 10 min a day… Presently, I meditate at least 2x a day and now crave a 30 minute long meditation!

Cassie has written an wonderful article featuring the photos she took of me at La Jolla Beach regarding how you can Love Yourself More. Read it HERE
Also, to see more of Cassie’s whimsical romantic photography, visit her Instagram page and Website

Here are some awesome resources (YouTube channels) that’s been a great in keeping me at peace:

1. Positive Magazine – This is the account that truly got me started in Meditating. Her 10 minute daily meditations were incredibly helpful for a beginner like me. Below is one of my favorite meditations from Positive Magazine:

2. Power Thoughts – What got me hooked to Power Thoughts were their “I Am” Affirmations paired with tribal beats. Here is one of my favorites that help me stay grounded:

3. Jason Stephenson – my current favorite who has been providing me with longer meditations as well as healing binaural beats that aid in sleep 🙂 The specific meditation below allows you to ask 3 questions  that your subconscious will answer– I was very impressed with this as the answers I received truly resonated with me but at the same time, I never expected them. Try this out to receive answers to 3 big questions you have in your life right now.

4. Mooji – A spiritual teacher from Jamaica that aids beings in the journey of discovering the true self. The video below has changed my life forever. If you have 30 minutes to spare, you will NOT regret it. The video below will show you how you can separate yourself from your mind – the mind that is judgmental, full of expectations, worries, etc. If you want to know how to get into the flow state…. this is it.

5. Sarah Hall – last but not the least! Sarah has helped me gain so much insight. I love how she always pairs self-love with spirituality. I’ve learned about Arch Angels and how to reach out to them as well as become aware of the signs they give out. She also provides guided meditations and my favorite is her Meditation for Self-Love. I felt so beautiful and free when I did this one. Check it out:

Also, a bonus: I am sharing “My Best Life” playlist that I curated since I started this brain re-wiring and spirit-tuning journey. So far, there are 35 videos that you guys can go through and try. I have done and LOVED every single video on this list. The best part? I will continue to add videos to it as we keep going :)Here is my special playlist, my go-to when I need some instant peace 😉

Thank you so much for reading and supporting. I love fitness and true fitness is being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.

I hope this helps you and I give you good certainty as you take action in bringing your best life and best self to manifestation.

Much love,


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