The Holy Matcha SD Experience

Hey Beauties!

I am so excited to share with you my experience here at Holy Matcha SD.
Well, it’s pretty simple: MATCHA MADNESS

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For this part of my San Diego trip, I collaborated with Photographer Maria Tavares from Fiesta Flix Photography. Maria is such a sweetheart! Thankful I was able to work with her. The ladies at Holy Matcha thought we were long-time friends! She was so easy to work with and we truly had fun. Not to mention, we shared the same love for MATCHA.


The interior at Holy Matcha is one of the reasons why it’s a must visit in San Diego. The pinks, greens, cool furniture and cute wallpaper is very IG-worthy.

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I ordered Hot Matcha Latte with CDB oil drops (yay for medicinal cannabis!) as well as their matcha glazed vegan chocolate donut. Maria on the other hand got an iced Matcha latte with the strawberry glazed vegan donut.


Holy Matcha does not have a large selection on their menu. Just a few variety of Matcha  drinks, vegan donuts, soft-serve ice cream (which I will come back for next time), and avocado toast. It’s definitely a place to just come together, sit, and chat while munching on cute yummy treats. Either way, it was a moment I enjoyed and cannot wait to come visit again 🙂

Do you like Matcha? Did you know that it’s high in antioxidants?! That’s why I love it.




29 thoughts on “The Holy Matcha SD Experience

  1. I think the shops with smaller menus are better. Sounds like a good place to visit. I wish I like matcha though, but I can always skip it and just eat sweets.

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  2. I am not a fan of Matcha. But there was an instance when someone gave me a wafer filled with white chocolate and Matcha, I fell in love. But I gotta say, it has a strong taste that is not appealing to me. But, I wonder why I crave for it for unexplained reason, which is odd. LOL

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  3. I feel out of the loop. Can you explain what Matcha is? I love the decor of the place you went to…sort of retro and tropical at the same time!

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  4. I am a vegetarian and this place sounds great to visit doughnuts nad drinks sound really nice. As for the decor the colours are fresh and summery and beautiful.


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