Get Fit With Mini Bands!

Hey Badass Babes and Gents!

I hope April has been treating you well. It has been productive for me which means I have more stuff for you! 🤗

As mentioned on my last blog post, we are focused on Overall Detox this month. However, just because we are doesn’t mean we’re halting badass training. Through my photo posts this week, I’ve prepared you for today’s article regarding mini bands!

There are three main reasons why I recommend adding mini bands to your fitness toys (if you haven’t already) :

  1.  They make workouts interesting and more challenging – add these to your basic workout moves and you will find yourself sweatin a bit more 😉 not to mention, the added prop makes any exercise look even more badass!
  2. They are inexpensive – circle band sets range from $10-$20 and will last you for a very long time.
  3. They are great for travel fitness – these bands are super light even if you bring your whole set to your vacation, you may not even notice the extra weight!

BeFunky Collage.png

There are so many exercises you can incorporate mini bands with and for this article, I teamed up with North West Pharmacy and Health Perch to bring you 10 moves you can do with them!

10 Mini Band Moves You Can Do Anywhere
“10 Mini Band Moves You Can Do Anywhere” on Health Perch

Which of these moves are your favorite or which ones would you like to see me do? 😊



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