5 Things When The Journey Gets Tough + This Month’s LA Adventure

Hey Badass Ladies and Gents πŸ™‚

March is finally coming to an end. I hope this month brought you guys success and clarity as we continue this journey of life.

I am very happy with the results of the release of my Less Than 15 minute workouts πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the support! If you happened to miss the latest release, here it is:

This ab workout is short but will have you sore for days! A go to when you want low impact movements that focus on staying on the mat.

So why are we here today?
Well, I wanted to be transparent and share how I felt so off during the past few weeks.
My nerves were going haywire and I was having a difficult time dealing with my frustration and keeping myself grounded.Β I’m sure most of us are aware that sometimes the biggest battles are in our mind. After finally facing and being honest with myself, I had to re-evaluate how I deal with life when things get tough.

5 Things To Do When The Journey Gets Tough

  1. Come Back To God – Such a simple thing to do that a lot of us tend to get complacent on. At least, I can speak for myself. For the past year I have been working on making a change in me. Namely, my temper. I found myself constantly failing until I had to come face to face with myself: Why do I keep failing? I realize I was relying solely on my strength alone. I fell to my face, felt weak until I heard a still voice saying, “You are NOT weak. I supply your strength and my strength is INFINITE.” Knowing that instantly gave me peace.
  2. Meditate – Sometimes all we need is silent time. Time to be still and time to remember how our problems are so tiny compared to the vastness of the universe.
    The video below is a guided meditation I did that truly helped me during the midst anxiety. It helped me focus so well, I was seeing different colors (purple, green, blue, red) while meditating! Bonus: light some candle and/or incense!
  3. Clean Your Environment – Never underestimate the power of a clean environment! A little tidying, dusting, vacuuming, and re-organizing is so refreshing. Not only am I cleansing the house, I am cleansing the energy in the house.
  4. Do something out of the normal no matter how blue you may feel inside – As part of my Los Angeles Adventure this month, I decided to go to the pop up Mermaid Museum! Truth be told, that day, I was feeling so down and I was so tempted to skip going. However, Kelli Wheeler, creator of #TheSingleGirlLife reminded me that it’s when we feel down that we need to step outside of ourselves and something to cheer us up so we do not conform into depressive behaviors. (For those following me for awhile now, I battled with Depression and self-harm.)
    BeFunky Collage-2
    Pop-up Mermaid Museum: FreeForm x Pop Sugar

    So I went despite not feeling up for it and looking back, I’m so glad I did! Now I have a couple cool pics inside a clam haha! And I have an idea what to expect in pop up museums now.

  5. Spend Time In Nature – This is something that never fails to calm me down, clear my mind, and give me the energy boost to take life on once again. During my off time, I deliberately made a decision to take a walk in a park I’ve never been and enjoy Mother Nature in all its glory while I talk to God. Spending time in nature doesn’t always have to be a walk. It can be as simple as looking up at the sky, gazing at the moon or the stars. #InstantTherapy πŸ™‚BeFunky CollageI enjoyed my walk alone. Next time, I will research about the trail efore heading out. I kind of went on a whim and since it was my first time, I didn’t want to go too far, considering it was late in the afternoon and the trail was pretty empty.

So that’s how I have been consciously dealing with life when it seems overwhelming. If you guys follow moon cycles, you might be aware that we are on Mercury Retrogade right now. We will all feel an energy shift but we are advised to stay calm, not make hasty or big decisions, and stay away from drama. πŸ™

Other than that, stay tuned for awesome fitness stuff here in April! πŸ™‚

How do you deal with stress or life when it feels like too much? Share with me in the comments below.



32 thoughts on “5 Things When The Journey Gets Tough + This Month’s LA Adventure

  1. I agree that when we feel down it is good to do something different and something that we like. That will lift our spirits. Getting organised (not only cleaning up the house but also getting my ideas and tasks in order), meditation and going for walks in the nature also help me relieve (and prevent) stress.

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  2. its funny, working out and cleaning are literally my go when I am having a bad day, that and writing. it literally clears up my mind. and I am starting to meditate every morning and evening. lets see

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  3. Cleaning up always makes me feel better, no matter the situation. If I have a clean environment its as energizing as an espresso shot! Meditation can lift my mood too, I need to do it more. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Once I started shifting my workouts and hobbies to all being outside, I feel more energetic and positive. All the above listed are great when it comes to getting the mind back on track and bringing in positive energy πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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  5. Great tips! Aside from these awesome things you mentioned, I learned to expand my connections when things really get tough, may it be through social media or with the company of my friends and family. I used to have that tendency to withdraw when I feel unwell and that doesn’t help at all because it only sinks me deeply into sadness.


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