How To: Workout In 10 Minutes

Hey Badass Babes and Gents!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first video to my NEW Workout Series: Less Than 15 Min Workouts. If you missed it, here it is below 😊

This lower leg workout is a killer! I’ve done them multiple times and though it’s short, it never fails to give me a good burn. I’ve also done this workout with a few girls from my group: Los Angeles Fit Girls; varying from beginner and advanced; but even doing the exercises in a slower, supported manner gave a really nice burn. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you!

The workouts under the Less Than 15 Min Series vary from 8 min – 15 min–But today, I am here to share how to workout in 10 minutes! Yes, it’s possible and I KNOW we all have 10 minutes to spare! So if you want to be fit and stay fit (which I’m sure we all do!), “No Time” is literally an excuse!

I know these 10 min workouts help because these type of workouts are what I used when I was working 3 jobs (1 full, 2 part time) while taking an online class. I also managed to eat healthy – more during this time which I will talk about on next week’s blog post.Now

Now let’s get to it!

How To Workout In 10 Minutes

Here are 2 ways you can utilize 10 minutes for an EFFECTIVE, badass workout:

  1. Circuit Training – Select 3-5 bodyweight exercises (really however many you want) and perform each one “x” number of times for as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes. Listen to your body and take breaks / slow down when you need to. Don’t forget to set a countdown timer
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  2. Interval Training – Select 3-5 bodyweight exercises, set you timer for 30 sec work and 30-45 sec rest (dependypeing on your current fitness level) for 3 rounds.
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When I hosted my LIVE Workout event over Facebook showing how to workout in 10 minutes, I had my audience vote for the exercises that I will perform using the poll option. I showed them videos of me doing the moves and they chose from there. This is the final workout breakdown we came up with:


I already knew this was going to be a killer!

A few days before the LIVE Workout event, I went on to show different variations of the moves we will be using. Here is my Live Prep Session:

And here is the LIVE 10 Minute Workout! Watch to see how I used 10 minutes to get a Kickass Workout!

And there you have it! The workout killed me too. Haha! I hope my short workout served as motivation to get off your butt even for JUST 10 Minutes! Remember that fitness isn’t only about looks–it’s about taking CARE of you.




16 thoughts on “How To: Workout In 10 Minutes

  1. Wonderful tips! I’m not a much of a keen with any type of sports, my knee has its limits unfortunately, this sounds lovely though!


  2. Lovely tips! I love being in shape and sometimes when I’m busy I’ll do just 15-30 minutes workouts to do something. HIIT, stretching, cross trainer… There are so many ways to have a quick workout. 🙂


  3. I’ve done HIIT workouts and they are no joke! You really work your muscles and get your heart pumping without taking forever at the gym.


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