10 Little Things You Can Do EVERYDAY To Stay Healthy

Hey, Badass Beauties!

How is 2018 treating you all so far?

I had an awesome jump start with a fantastic group by participating in the 7-Day Challenge hosted by MadlyOrganic and myself.

For those who joined us, I wanted to say, THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS! I hope to see you all to progress as we move forward in the year.

And for the rest,

Since we are still fresh into 2018, the focus of getting into a healthy routine remains.

Today, I am sharing 10 little things you can do EVERYDAY to Stay Healthy.

These 10 little things are ultimately actions that you can develop into good habits. I put a great emphasis on habits because these make up our lifestyle!
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Bad Habits = Bad Lifestyle. Alternatively, Good Habits = Good Lifestyle!

So what can you do everyday to keep yourself healthy? Keep reading 🙂

    1. Reflect on 3 Things you are thankful for that day – Ahhh. Mental Health! This part of our health plays a HUGE aspect of our life. It controls how we treat ourselves, others, and our circumstances! We all know that gratitude is the fastest way to get in a better mood. Starting your day in the right attitude will set the tone for the rest of your day. Reflecting on 3 things I’m grateful for each day is something I have been practicing since last year but I started sharing them on my IG and FB stories as well. Let’s all keep each other accountable! 🙂
    2. Stretch – Never underestimate the power of a 10 minute yoga session. Even if you do not engage in yoga, stretching when you wake up will allow good blod flow throughout the body. Stretching also helps the muscles recover from soreness. My personal favorite is boho beautiful on YouTube! Here is one of my favorites from her:
    3. Don’t forget to take your vitamins and omegas – It’s surely better to receive them through food but these kind of supplements definitely help when we are not able to eat everything we need to stay nourished. I highly recommend this to women who are on birth control. It’s not a surprise that birth control messes up our hormones. Multivitamins and Omega 3-6-9’s help balance you out. Big time.
    4. Track your water intake + bring water bottle everywhere you go – a lot of people dread this but I promise you it becomes easy over time! I drink about 4L of water everyday and most days I don’t have to think about it. My metabolism is great and my skin has become clearer and tighter! I haven’t been wearing foundation since July!
      Photo via pinterest


    5. Keep healthy snacks in your bag – another obvious one here that gets overlooked. Bringing healthy snacks saves you from unhealthy snacking or unnecessary eating! The best way to win is to come prepared 😉 Some ideas: fresh or dried fruits, nuts/seeds, dark chocolate, bars (my favorite is Lara Bar!)
    6. Prep meals in advanced – similar to having healthy snacks ready in your bag/purse. Having your meals prepped allows you to stay focused and avoid unnecessary spending on possible junk foods.

      Photo via Google Search
    7. Choose better options when eating outside including drinks – it has honestly become easier to eat healthy in our generation. There are so many options and a lot of them are very affordable–not to mention, it DOESN’T have to be a salad! My personal favorites: Veggie Burger, Quinoa Salad, and other plant-based options!
    8. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to movement – If you have been following my blog for awhile now you will see that I am a huge advocate for getting fit in as little as 15 minutes– Thanks to HIIT!
    9. Drink Golden Milk at night – this is a new action that I am mastering. I currently working on establishing a good morning routine and drinking Golden Milk at night allows me to fall asleep with ease! It tastes so comforting, is calming, and helps lift up your mood. People who have depression / S.A.D. and regularly take Golden milk all gave very positive reviews towards it. I fall asleep towards the end of the cup and I love how it is filled with antioxidants! Find my favorite, trusted Golden Milk recipe HERE.

      Photo via Google Search
    10. Watch my #FitTips – I share tips everyday on my stories on how you can stay fit/healthy even on your busiest days. Check out my sample below. If you like it, follow me! I’m here to help and you won’t regret it

Health isn’t just physique. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health plays an equally important part. Doing these 10 little things everyday will surely elevate your lifestyle 🙂

What are you most looking forward to do among the 10 actions listed above? 🙂

Share with me in the comments! Let’s get healthy together.


** Special Thanks To Photographer Masha Danilo for taking the awesome photos of me. Find her on Instagram HERE**

18 thoughts on “10 Little Things You Can Do EVERYDAY To Stay Healthy

  1. I love this!!! I really enjoyed doing the challenge with you. I have continued to fit in exercise and healthy eating since we ended it. It’s great to start the new year with these good habits and look forward to adding more along the way. I haven’t ever tried golden milk before, I’m definitely going to give that a try. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Useful tips you outlined here, Kat. I enjoyed reading this post. I am an advocate for morning stretch. It awakes the body and mind… it’s always a good idea. Usually look forward to your gratitude post on instastory. Keep it up, doll.


  3. Ah this was so inspirational and something else at the same time 😀 it made me realise how unhealthy and fit I am, and I like it. I’ve already mastered the water drinking thingy, now I just need to go for a nice long walk tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow 😀 loved this!


  4. Wonderful suggestions! I start and finish my day with a prayer, it makes me feel ready to start the day in positive mood or to sleep feeling grateful for everything in my life!


  5. It’s true that health includes many different elements and important to take care of all those. Keeping yourself happy and social is at least as important as eating healthy and exercising. ❤️


  6. I have never been good at meal prepping. I prefer to meal plan istead. I can see how prepping would be healthier though considering thise times I have ran through the drive thru in order to make dinner quicker.


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