Start Your 2018 Right With This 7 Day Challenge

Hey Badass Beauties!

How did you holidays go?

I spent mine in Sedona, Arizona.

This trip honestly was something I didn’t expect but deeply needed. If you follow me on instagram or facebook, then you may have seen the stories I shared while on the trip.

Anyway, I hope your holidays went well. 🙂 I’m sure most of us ate more dessert than we normally would or should..haha I know I did.

But that’s ok! Now that the festivities are slowly coming to a hault, we can focus on better choices and really develop good habits for a better lifestyle in 2018–and I’m happy to say I’m here to help! Even better, you get help from a certified nutritionist, too! For free, for 7 days beginning January 1.

How are we doing that? Through our 7- Day Challenge!

I’ve mentioned this on my last post already but for those now just hearing about this, Madison Leigh, certified plant-based nutritionist and founder of Madly Organic is providing a meal guide that’s easy to follow and won’t take long to prepare. If you eat meat, don’t worry! You can still cook with is using the meal guide.

On the other hand, I will be providing this EASY but progressive fitness challenge.

We will be posting what we do for the day on the facebook group and a WINNER will be picked out and announced on the 15th. Qualified winner will win a gift from me!

We start soon so join us HERE now!

**all details including disclaimer and qualifying conditions are on the facebook group**

Hope to see you there. Let’s start 2018 right together 🙂


20 thoughts on “Start Your 2018 Right With This 7 Day Challenge

  1. This is really a good way of getting myself back into working out and I’m already scared of the squats because I go to the bathroom quite a lot so I know I will be sore for days.


  2. I love this 7 day challenge! After enjoying chocolates and fabulous meals (and lots of calories) during the holiday season, it’s time to greet 2018 with a set of great fitness goals.


  3. Aw so glad you enjoyed your trip in Arizona and you are right it usually the trips that are unexpected that turn out to be the most needed! I like the idea of starting 2018 with exercise on the brain!


  4. I need to get back into fitness and find a routine that would suit me! After one year without hitting the gym and the christmas period i really need it!


  5. This challenge is seriously perfect to kick off the new year. It looks like it would push me but not break me of what I want to accomplish.


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