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How’s everyone doing? Hope you are all still enjoying the year like I am.
When the year began, one of my goals was to move to There has been some bumps and detour but I have finally purchased the URL so please allow this to be the unofficial announcement that this blog is now “LAKATWOMAN.COM” –atleast when you type it out 🙂

I am still working on the new look of the website so I’ve chosen to redirect it here for now. I didn’t realize that this transition would take up more time and investment on my part. However, I haven’t blogged in awhile and to be quite frank, I miss it! So here I am.

2 weeks ago, I released my “Welcoming Spring’ Workout (see below)

I’ve been so busy that I did not have time to share it on here, but here it is!
Promise, the new site will have everything be more accessible!

Anyway, my video was seen by Nordic Lifting and they sent me a message saying they would love to send me some products to try. Well, it sure made my day 🙂 I honestly thought they were going to send me only one but they sent me all 3 items that I wanted.
They did not ask for a review but I wanted to do this for them anyway as a sign of gratitude for believing in me!

Nordic Lifting sent me three awesome goodies: Deep Tissue Foam Roller, Compression Knee Sleeves, and weightlifting gloves!

I must say, I was very impressed with the packaging! Everything was so professionally packed and labeled. It is an honor to be recognized by such a high quality-producing company.

I tried them all out right away and used the gloves and knee sleeves during my workouts.

THE FOAM ROLLER: This is my first foam roller and I’ve always wanted to have one. I’ve seen so many foam rollers being sold without bags so having one that includes a carrying case is fantastic. It doesn’t only provide you with the ability to stay organized, it also gives the product longer life by making sure you have something to store it with. This way, it won’t just be laying around with the possibility of being kicked, dirtied, etc.
I can tell just by holding it that the foam is very durable and will last me awhile. I’ve rolled on it a few times on my back and used it on my hanstrings as well. They don’t joke around whe they say deep tissue massage!

THE KNEE COMPRESSION SLEEVE: This was suggested to me by Chad from Nordic Lifting when I asked for something that can help with my joints when I go hiking.
The fabric is high quality, it doesn’t roll up or down my knee and it hugs my leg just right! That said, their size chart is accurate which is a major plus to all online shoppers.
I love how comfortable they are. You almost forget you are wearing them which is perfect for those wanting to wear them all day. They also have more variety of prints and colors on their website. 🙂

THE WEIGHTLIFTING GLOVES: “Never underestimate the power of a good accessory.” And the same goes for workout gear! I immediately fell in love with these gloves when I saw them online. My wrists are something I honestly have to train more as I find them extremely sore after doing advanced pushups.
Yes, I have them in all-black, too! I had to! Hehe. These definitely add baddass-ery points to the whole look. My wrists feel secure and I feel more confident lifting heavier weights with them on. Like the compression knee sleeves, the size for this was on point. It fits me perfectly.

THE PRICE: For the quality that you are receiving, these products are certainly worth the investment. The good thing about them is they come with a 1-year warranty as well! Not to mention, they are all currently on sale for almost half the price! I will definitely buy and try out more products from them as I advance in my training.

Visit Nordic Lifting’s Amazon Shop for more details here.

PS – I want my content to always be enjoyable for my audience. If you have any suggestions on what you want me to talk about (I am open to any topic!) or a workout video for me to make, please feel free to suggest in the comments or contact me 🙂

Til next time,



8 thoughts on “Nordic Lifting Gear – Product Reviews

  1. These sound like fantastic products! I’ve heard of foam rollers, but I didnt actually know what they were until now! Also, I LOVE your workout outfit!


  2. Congratulations on purchasing your new URL! Here’s to your next venture. The products look great, and the deep tissue massager sounds amazing!


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