Fit Through The Winter With These 5 Tips + Exercises You Can Do At Home!


I’m actually editing his right before I post because well, it’s been warm in LA lately!! I wrote this way back when it was rainy and cold but now I have been finding myself sweating outside haha! Better late than never, I guess…

Well, I’m sure it’s still cold and snowy elsewhere in the world so I’m posting it anyway!

I wanted to share this post because I know how difficult it can be to stay motivated and consistent with your workouts when it’s super cold and all you want to do is cuddle under a thick blanket by the fire place with your hot drink on hand. But…

So without further ado, here are 5 tips to help you keep up with your workouts this season:

  1. Indoor Workouts – I know quite a number of awesome humans who actually brave the cold and get their workouts outdoors even during this time of year–but, if you are like me, you wouldn’t dare at all. If you have been following my blog for a time now, you’d know that I am a big advocate of getting fit from home. Throughout the year, I have shared articles of exercises you can do from home that require minimal to no machines, as well as videos on how to do them. (Click the photo on the left to access the fitness section of my blog and the photo on the right to access my exercise videos)
    fitwordpress (2).pngubyou-2
  2. Do NOT be afraid to layer up – This sounds like common sense but I actually enjoy working out in my sports bra and shorts at home or in the gym. I love leggings but I do not feel as comfortable moving in them in a workout. Wearing a sweater, or a long sleeved shirt and socks to complement my attire helps me get through my workouts. I even find myself having to take them off if I get too hot and sweaty!
  3. Drink green tea before you workout – Green tea is my number 1 go-to drink other than water for its many benefits. The caffeine in green tea helps convert body fat into energy and helps give off thermogenic properties boosting your body’s internal temperature. Drink green as you prep your mind for your workout!
  4. Warm up before you workout – I personally overlook this sometimes but a good warm up will do just that–warm you up! There’s so many ways you can do this and I personally enjoy mine by dancing to 2-3 songs. Not only does it start to make me sweat, it also uplifts my mood and makes me really ready for my workout!
  5. Find an accountability buddy – My best friend and I just started doing this the second week of January and it has definitely been pushing me to get my workouts in! Being in two different countries and time zones, we keep each other accountable by sending each other our schedules so we know what time to remind one another to workout. And although the workout is a reward itself, we are giving ourselves a $2 bonus for each workout done. ( I am giving myself an additional $1 for every 100 jump squats–for super busy days, and $2 for cardio–bec. I really don’t like it as much hehe) In addition to finding a buddy, you can also join a community to help you! Below are some of the best girl’s fitness groups on facebook! (No Boys Allowed, Sorry!)

How are you planning on staying fit this winter? Share with me in the comments below! 🙂



68 thoughts on “Fit Through The Winter With These 5 Tips + Exercises You Can Do At Home!

  1. I find the title ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ so motivational! As I am not a big fan of winter and cold so it is so difficult for me to stay motivated to work out. I am guilty, every time I find exercise excuses (can’t wait for summer haha) Love the idea to find an accountability buddy, maybe I should find such person that helps me start working out even in winter!


  2. Thank you for these tips. It is only now that ive learned the advantages of drinking tea before a workout. Should I have known before, I bet I got all the energy and enthusiasm to start with my exercise. I am pregnant right now and in no way fit to do some strenuous exercises. But once I am ready and fit, I will go back to this post to remind me. Thanks again.


  3. That “summer bodies are made in winter” is so witty! I guess it’s true but the temptation will always be there. The holiday food flowing from the table and from grandma’s house. Haha! But, having someone along your fitness journey really helps you get motivated! Cause you’ll really be pushing each other there.


  4. I agree with you on indoor workouts. But most especially, I agree with accountability buddies. Accountability is a game changer. This works well not just in exercise but also in business and other goals.


  5. I want to get fit this year and hope I’m able to pursue it. Sometimes just the thought of exercising gets me so tired! I would also prefer an indoor workout rather than braving the cold. Checking out some of your posts to see if it’ll work with my schedule.


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