Get Physically ACTIVE NOW: 5 Things You Can Do


This is my first official post for 2017… The last one don’t count 😜
2016 actually ended on a good note for me which led to a very busy start to 2017.
Nonetheless, I love reflecting during the end of the year and planning on the next: what goals to reach, things to improve on, and stuff to cross off the bucket list.

Speaking of new years and planning, I know most of us engage in having a New Year’s Resolution. A lot of people dislike that term because of how infamous it can be–however, this very same word motivates a lot of people to look forward to the future and allows many to take hold of their power in the present to actually DO something about it. In that case, it’s not so bad.

A great number of resolutions out there relates to fitness and health. People want to eat better, lose weight, gain muscle, be more active, etc. The first month of 2017 is almost coming to an end and I hope you are all still going strong with these resolutions. If that’s not the case, don’t fret. You still have 11 months left and this post is for you! 🙂


    – Some of you may be shaking your head at me for this but I cannot skip the most obvious and most effective way to get you active now: to MOVE. Exercise, workout! I suggest doing HIIT workouts because they don’t require you to exercise for long periods of time. This is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. A 10-minute HIIT Workout, 3 times a week, will do wonders for you especially if you are just starting out. Below is a compilation of some of my personalized HIIT workouts:
  2. Perform These Tips:
    Even if you say that you are just too busy even for a HIIT workout, I got you covered. This article is one of my earliest works and I recently updated it 🙂 Click the photo below to read
  3. Stairs ALWAYS
    – Please do not overlook the simple act of taking the stairs. I use public transportation quite a bit here especially on my way to work. The train stations in LA that I go through on my regular travels have stairs and I have made it a habit to take them ALL the time. Rain or shine, you will see me taking the stairs (an estimate of 100 steps total or more). I switch it up at times by skipping steps or changing up the speed. It’s certainly a quick and great leg workout!
  4. Walk, Bike, or Skate To Places That Do Not Take Long To Get To
    I left my car when I moved from Canada to California. It sucks in many ways but allowed me to utilize these legs even more. When I lived in Canada, I lived in the country side and the closest store was at a gas station that’s literally a 5 minute drive away. Now that I live in the city, I can walk to a store in 5 minutes. I plan on buying skates so I can rollerblade in the summer but if you have these equipment at home, don’t just let them sit there! I personally know a few who’s saved money and lost weight by biking to work instead of driving.
  5. Lots and Lots of SEX
    – I ONLY recommend this to grown men and women! Not boys and girls… So for you grown men and women out there: get your cardio on together any time of the day and however many times you want! Most importantly, be safe, get creative, and enjoy!

    I’m a sucker for sexy lingerie!

    I will be incorporating these tips in my life throughout the year to keep me focused and help me balance everything I have going on. How do you plan on being getting/staying fit this year? What tip do you for sure see yourself doing from above?
    Share with me in the comments below!

    Til’ next time,


81 thoughts on “Get Physically ACTIVE NOW: 5 Things You Can Do

  1. Great tips on being active! Love the bra, and never thought sex would help with working out knew it took a lot of energy.
    ~Jenna D VanHoof


  2. This is indeed an entertaining post. I love how you wrote it, being sexy and playful. I bet if I could follow the other tips as I am very much pregnant now. But definitely, I will keep this to remind me once I am very much ready.


  3. Oh, I really needed these. I’m the skinny type of girl and the only way for me to gain weight is to exercise! I don’t know but no matter how hard I try to eat as much as I can (I eat a lot, really), I don’t gain weight. Maybe these will help me have a better figure (except for the last part, lol)! Also, I think my love for basketball is a great start. I guess I also have to get back to biking. Thank you for the share!


  4. sorry but I can’t do lots & lots of sex haha! I have to sacrifice my career for that! anyways, I love using the stairs whenever possible. It’s one simple way of exercise yet very effective…


  5. What you’re doing is really inspiring. Well, even your body is a fitspiration. I think from the 5 things you enlisted. I could only do stairs plus walking. As much as I want to exercise, I really don’t have time because of blogging.


  6. Ha…ha…was lol when reading your last tips 😉 thanks fir this great sharing, learnt up useful tips here. I am practising one of your tips too, always use stairs whenever I can 🙂 Let’s be healthy in 2017 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


  7. I really like your 5 tips because I do find myself into them! Thanks for sharing, and I can’t get enough of exercice. I do a lot of Pilates, Cardio training and Yoga everyday and this really helps me to stay fit! Of course eating healthy is the first thing I would ever mention!


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