Amino Restore by Taylor MD Formulations – Review

Happy 2017, ladies and gents!

How has the new year treating you guys so far? It got pretty crazy over Christmas here at my end but it all ended up happening for the good.


2017 so far has been filled with opportunities to finally bear good fruit and be in a better living situation so it’s been very busy but not something I would complain about.

Today I will be reviewing Amino Restore by Taylor MD Formulations. I would like to thank Sarah for reaching out, recommending this product to try, and sending it for me.

ALL views and opinion are mine; unless otherwise stated.

THE COMPANY: Taylor MD Formulations was founded by skilled physicians in medicine whose goal is to produce a combination of nutraceuticals that are successful in producing desired results; at the same time, growing in cooperation and refining in clinical conclusions. You can visit their website for more details here

WHAT THEY OFFER: Taylor MD Formulations offer a wide range of products that support the following: Adrenal and Stress, Amino Acid, Antioxidant, Bone and Muscle, Brain, Cardiovascular, and Detoxification.

WHAT I TRIED: Sarah recommended the Amino Restore for me which I gladly accepted. As someone who is very physically active, I know the importance of having essential amino acids present in my body as they perform many bodily functions that help better my overall health from metabolism to sexual drive.

WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO: This part was taken from their website under the description box for Amino Restore

Amino Restore provides essential amino acids and nutrients needed for optimal health. Amino acids are precursors for enzymes, proteins, hormones, and neurotransmitters. They affect our mood, sleep, memory, concentration and overall brain health. Amino acids improve acid-base balance, immunity, cardiovascular health, glucose levels, lipid metabolism, and sexual function. They are essential for growth and the constant repair of bone, muscle, skin, hair, nails and cartilage. Amino Restore is designed to support metabolism, the autonomic nervous system and body composition. Amino Restore contains choline which supports healthy acetylcholine levels, an essential nutrient for brain health, intelligence and synaptic plasticity. It contains inositol which promotes healthy fat metabolism and mood. Amino Restore derives its protein source from peas and does not contain dairy. It is suitable for vegetarians and those who cannot tolerate dairy products. Amino Restore can be used to optimize health or as a meal replacement shake.

THE PACKAGING: The product was very nicely packaged. The label lets you know that the product is quite serious and not just some fad. It came with all the information needed on the outside: supplement facts, ingredients, etc. and it was sealed perfectly.

THE PRICE: This is sold on Amazon and at $51.95 per container carrying 15 servings (2 scoops per serving)

THE REVIEW: Prior to receiving the opportunity to review this product, my husband and I were talking about supplements and how we wanted to find a good amino acid supplement. Being a fitness junkie and getting my certificate in fitness training allowed me to learn more about supplements so I am quite familiar with the health benefits of having a well maintained amount of amino acids (I’ve tried different types of BCAA’s as well as CLA).

I was hesitant with it being in powder form but since the product is all natural and from vegatarian ingedients, I went ahead with it. I tried it right away, one scoop  in 12oz. of water (1/2 serving from recommended portion) and blended it. The taste was a lot better than expected although it was very grainy and had foamed quite a bit at the top during the blending process. I drank it with a small lunch and knew I was full right away with just half a serving. Right then and there, I was certain it would take me a month and not 15 days to finish the tub. The grainy-ness and foaming of the drink, as well as not getting the recommended amount of serving were my main concerns. I used a shaker bottle instead the next time and did not have as much foaming in the drink.

There wasn’t a lot of noticeable changes in my body (please note however, the holidays came and went–meaning, I pigged out). I did notice I wasn’t bloated before that time of the month came (I usually am) and also noticed I was in a better mood.

I am willing to give this product a try for 2 more months to see if it’s something I would like to continue for a long time. I would recommend it to someone who is trying to eat lesser calories or those wanting to stay lean as the serving size will get you full but if you are wanting to gain weight and have a hard time eating the amount of food you need to consume, I would find an alternative in pill form.

Great things are happening and announcements will be made soon. Please stay tuned!





11 thoughts on “Amino Restore by Taylor MD Formulations – Review

  1. Interesting that it’s derived from peas – I hope it has a positive impact for you after a few weeks! Happy new year, best wishes for you in 2017 🙂


  2. Good to know its made of vegetarian ingredients. Supplements are very necessary these days, when our food habits are so haywire! Looking forward for another before and after post after you use it for a longer period.


  3. Looks like a good supplement product, love that it is all natural and made from vegatarian ingredients! Perfect for health! Can’t wait to see your final verdict after 2 months!


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