Greatest Lessons My Fitness Journey Has Taught Me

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Hope your week is going well.  I think I’ve finally come to accept one of the reasons why I have been slacking on the blog lately…..I’ve been hooked to my current favorite show: Naruto Shippuden. Some of you may have heard of it before. For those who haven’t, it’s an anime cartoon. I honestly can’t believe how much I love this show and I can already feel myself sad when it ends hahaha (more about this on a different post)

Today’s article has been something I’ve been wanting to share. I took my blogger friend Benny’s advice to just pick the topic I want to share most and start it up–so here I am. Thanks, Queen 🙂

Those who have been following my blog knows the deep relationship I have with fitness. For those who are new, you can read more about it here. I’ve been on this journey since April 2011–I was one month away to being 19 years old. It has been 5 years and 7 months since I started. What an amazing journey it has been. I learned so much about myself–not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I did not know fitness had great effects on these areas of life until I ventured it out myself.

With that, I wanted to share the greatest lessons my fitness journey has taught me.

  1. There is NO shortcut to success– So many people want the quick fix or would like to see results as fast as one week. A lot of people invest in so many fat loss pills, shakes, etc. Though I know these get some people motivated to startup or progress further in their fitness journey, relying solely on these to do the work for you won’t cut it. I know, because I have been there, too.
  2. Consistency goes a LONG way – this is somehow tied to the first lesson. Yeah those pills and shakes might work for you but to truly keep a fit physique,  you need to stay consistent. To stay active and keep making good, healthy, conscious decisions for your health. Someone who worked hard for their “gains” get to keep them longer than those who received them easily. Ever hear of those stories that say “”I gained back the pounds after getting off the supplement”? We hear them because it’s true. And more times than not, these are the same people that did not stay consistent with the work that needs to be done on their part.
  3. Each Journey is UNIQUE – Comparing your progress with others will only slow yours down. Each body adapts differently. Not to mention, what works for them may not work for you at all! Focus on your own journey, figure out what works for YOU, STAY consistent, and celebrate all victories!!
  4. The best results come from the harmony of great workouts and clean diet – Before I started eating clean, I would workout 5 times a week and still eat the same (crappy) foods that I normally would when I didn’t care about being fit at all. Yeah I still saw some changes in my physique but I was not tone at all. The best results I had were achieved when I ate foods that aided my progress–not hinder it.
  5. You CAN be fit and still enjoy yourself – I definitely eat a lot cleaner than I did before I started this journey. My eating habits improved greatly over time but I still enjoy my favorites (Ice cream, cake, pastries, pasta, pizza, burgers, fries, etc.!!) Of course as I chose to eat healthier foods, my body for the most part craved healthier foods and I would pick healthier options (thank God for Pinterest and easy healthy recipes/alternatives!!) On the other hand, choosing healthy this isn’t always the case when I want to indulge especially during the time of the month when mother nature strikes (Sorry, fellas.) For tips on how you can start eating healthier, read: 5 EASY Things You Can Do To Eat Healthier NOW

And there you have it, guys: Greatest Lessons My Fitness Journey Has Taught Me.
What lesson did you learn from yours or what are you mastering at this point? Share with me in the comments below 🙂



100 thoughts on “Greatest Lessons My Fitness Journey Has Taught Me

  1. As an asthmatic, I struggle to stick to an exercise regimen, but I will practice consistency on the little that I am able to do.


  2. great tips and reflection on your fitness journey. I am working myself back into fitness.. I used to go to gym daily for years and it does something not just physically but mentally. Those funny little things called endorphin’s that come with exercise make all the difference in the world. Easier to deal with stress, feel better and mentally feel better and happier as well. You are correct for sure that taking shortcuts won’t help you and you won’t reap the all the benefits. Great post.


  3. I’m having a problem with the consistency part, and even though I have asthma I actually don’t have any problem exercising or going to the gym. Consistency is my only problem. I used slimming pills before, they work while you’re taking them but when you finish the pills, your cravings come back. I also have a problem with discipline, I hope someday I can finally achieve the body I’ve always dream of without using any slimming pills.


  4. I’m sure you’re inspiring a lot of people. It’s with every part of succes; you have to work hard for it. And you do, I can tell. Lovely to achieve the results. Great start of the new year too!


  5. You are incredible! I have returned recently to my fitness regimen and I can relate well to these lessons, especially what you mentioned about consistency. It is also important that you find a fitness activity that you really like or is aligned to your passion and interests. Don’t do an activity that was forced to you or that you tried because it is the fad. You won’t likely stick to it if you don’t like it.


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