5 Cold Truths About Having A Fit Body

“A woman with a fit physique is more than just a hot body. It shows she works hard, no money can buy it. It shows dedication, discipline, self-respect, dignity, patience, work ethics, and passion! That’s why it’s attractive to me.”

This quote speaks so much volume to me. 2016 marks the fifth year of my fitness journey. Those who have been following my blog knows that it all started at 4am, one morning in February 2011. I was severely depressed and dissatisfied with myself. I contemplated death and was awakened by the reminder that although I hated every bit of myself during those days, me leaving the world would shatter the hearts of my friends and family. After deep reflection and research, I came to terms that the only way to truly get out of depression was to take hold of the power in me. So I did, at 4am in the morning and worked out to Zuzka Light’s video on YouTube. My life was forever changed.


Fitness has helped me so much–not just physically with my aesthetics and health; it also helped me develop my character. I now understand the value and strength of pure intentions, self-discipline, and consistency. I believe these three are the key ingredients to success–not just in fitness but in our other dreams and life itself. In 2014, I decided to pursue my certification in Fitness Trainer and attained it in 2015.

I wanted to write this post because I’ve been asked over the years for help and advice regarding fitness and freely shared my knowledge about it because I want to help people just as much as this has helped me. I’ve even given out free, personalized workouts and meal plans so that I can better guide them. Sadly, there have been quite a number of instances where my efforts were disregarded and they went back (and maybe didn’t even try to use the resources given) to their old, complaining ways–or worse, give in to these “lose weight fast” scams.

With that my friends, I wanted to tackle the 5 cold truths about having a fit body.

  1. ONLY YOU have the ability to achieve your DREAM BODY – This is where your intentions play the biggest part. A lot of people aim to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle–which is definitely very good. However, when you do it for any reason other than bettering yourself purely out of self-love and respect, you are bound to feel forced and even unmotivated to the point that it is hard to make a commitment to stay consistent with it.
  2. DRASTIC changes in one’s lifestyle often leads to failure– I tell my clients all the time that making small, conscious, and good decisions is the steady and sure way to success. You do not have to load your shoulders with so many changes in your lifestyle that it becomes a burden or feel like a chore. Focus on one thing, master it, and move on to the next one. (Ex: if you have a problem with *bad* snacking, start by making a good and conscious effort to pack your healthy snacks. Need more advice? Feel free to message or comment and I will help you)
  3. No amount of weight loss supplement will help without pairing it with hard work – There is NO shortcut to success! It despairs me when people seek the “easy way out”– spending money on plastic surgeries or on all these diet pills. I don’t really have anything against plastic surgery but I truly suggest working out and loving what you have before making this decision. After all, it’s FREE and safer than going under the knife–this is unless your physician suggested for you to get surgery (ex: gastric bypass) In terms of pills, don’t just buy them expecting to get results right away or results without putting in actual work. These supplements are mostly to aid your progress, not make it.

    SIDENOTE:  I’ve been asked numerous times by people who promote diet supplements to take their products and I say no all the time due to these reasons: First, I do not want to rely on supplements in the long run (don’t get me wrong, vitamins and  minerals are fine but this is more so for stuff like pre-workout, fat burner, etc.) Why?  It costs money and I don’t want to develop the mentality that progress won’t be there UNLESS I use these. Second, most of the people asking me to try their products are only in this business for money. Just being real here, I would consider it if you are someone I can look up to in this aspect. (If you are not fit and swear to me that these work, how am I supposed to believe you?)
  4. Comparing your journey with others will only hinder you from your progress – this journey is all about you and is your own. Our stories are all unique and that’s why you shouldn’t compare or compete with others. Instead, use it further inspire you in becoming a better you!
  5. Overall good health requires not only physical exercise but also sound nutrition – I put this as the last one because this is the area most people have difficulty with. When I first started working out, I didn’t become an avid salad eater right away. To be honest, I still am NOT but I’ve come to appreciate my vegetables and  have become eager in finding new and different ways to enjoy them. I eat a lot cleaner now compared to when I first started–however, I still allow myself to indulge and enjoy food like burgers, cake, or ice cream. Ahhh balance. 🙂
    I hope this post blesses someone today 🙂 What area in fitness/health do you find yourself struggling the most? Please share in the comments as well as advise you may want to share :)And remember, be disciplined, not stressed.



52 thoughts on “5 Cold Truths About Having A Fit Body

  1. I agree with all these tenets of fitness, especially # 4. When we compare ourselves with others who are already well-advanced in their journey, there is a tendency to become bitter, especially when we are achieving little success at the beginning. That’s perfectly normal. We have to embrace our own journey and trust the process which takes time.

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    1. Well said! Even I felt envious of others’ progress before, too. It doesn’t feel good hating on other people’s success which is why I became very selective with who I looked up to or followed in the industry.


  2. Amazing post! Quite inspirational I must say. I loved the quote “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20”. Every person trying to achieve a perfect body should never compare with others as it lowers the self esteem. And of course I love all your posts cuz I am a fitness freak!! 🙂

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  3. Great read here! I’ve been getting healthier and exercising more and it’s about patience with yourself as well. A good mental state helps too. And you’re right, baby steps, take changes slow, if you cut something out all together one day, you’ll go back to it.

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  4. Omg look your body girl. I hope to be again like you. I was in labor for my baby about three months ago. And now I trying to do exercise from home like walk and play with the other baby but is hard. And is truth when you work your body is no just money is health

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  5. Yup, I might just start jogging again! And aww @ the fact that you were that depressed 😦 you were so chubby and adorable but do whatever makes you happy and satisfied deep within! P.s: I’m a little insecure about my not so big booty so I’ll definitely work out some more and achieve that, lol. Nice blog!


  6. It`s inspiring for you to help others out to become more fit. I admire that kind of dedication. I`m happy that instead of going down to the dark road, you`ve seen another route which helped you until now.

    I agree that we shouldn`t compare ourselves with others. I recommend reading the poem
    “Desiderata”. It may give some light on living life and not comparing ourselves with others. I`ve often believed that our constant battle has always been within ourselves. The only competitor we should see is ourselves so we can always try to beat our old selves and be better.

    “Be disciplined, not stressed.” I like that statement. Our life spans aren`t that long to be too stressed the whole time.

    With Love, Grace 💮
    (from http://www.TheGracefulMist.com)

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    1. Thank you, Grace for that long and very beautiful comment. I will surely give “Desiderata” a read. And you are so right that our constant battles have always been within ourselves. Thanks for taking your time reading and commenting. Appreciate it. Much love as well from my part of the world to yours.



  7. This is a great article and I feel you girl .
    And when it comes to clients quitting and not getting in touch is something I can relate to.
    Most of them compare their journey with others and me that have been doing it for a while, although not as long as you 😀
    I have even stopped posting pictures of improvements because Instead of making them more determined ,they just give up.

    But I will start posting again because if they can’t get over their self, it’s not my fault.


  8. I liked your advice and the background story that motivated you to improve your life.

    I have a problem with motivation. I’ll start working out for maybe 2 weeks 3 times per week and then go for about a month doing absolutely nothing. I also find it hard to eat healthy. I need to find the motivation for all of that.

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    1. Thank you, Miriam. When I first started working out, I did it once a week doing bodyweight HIIT training. Slowly, my body started responding to it and craved working out 2-3 and sometimes 5 times a week. There are lots of free hiit videos online and my favorite would have to be Zuzka Light, BodyRock and Fitness Blender on YouTube. As for nutrition, I have EASY tips on how you can eat healthier NOW here: https://katrinajeancarter.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/5-easy-things-you-can-do-to-eat-healthier-now/

      much love and all the best—YOU CAN DO IT!


  9. Oh my! Katrina, I never knew the back story of your fitness journey. This post is do inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing. Your discipline and dedication is worth applauding and emulating. Keep up the good work.

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  10. Thanks so much for this article. I have let myself go to the point of self hatred and 275 pounds. After an abusive relationship, I just lost it for about 5 years. Now I am a long journey to self love and feeling good about myself again. I am so happy I found your blog.


  11. Being fit is never just about looking good. I love being healthy and taking care of myself and my body! It’s one of the things that I find very rewarding. These truths are something that I can definitely agree with!


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