Admiring Someone Else’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own — Unshackled Beauty

Hey loves, I wrote this article for Unshackled Beauty on how I was able to appreciate my beauty while celebrating the beauty I found in others without envy. Click the link below to read the full thing 🙂

Hello beautiful ladies, I stumbled upon the photo below last month and it resonated so much with my spirit. With advertisements and social media at its height, we are surrounded by so many different kinds of beauty. However, for someone who battles with self-esteem and self-love, the abundance of visuals may be difficult to deal […]

via Admiring Someone Else’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own — Unshackled Beauty


25 thoughts on “Admiring Someone Else’s Beauty Without Questioning Your Own — Unshackled Beauty

  1. I read your post at shackled beauty and am relieved you have a mature outlook on this topic. I hate it when women beat up on themselves mentally just because they feel they do not measure up to prescribed ideals. I agree – we should be able to admire the unique qualities of beauty possessed by other women without feeling envious or inadequate.
    I popped across to thank you for following my Women of Warfare! blog. Most appreciated.

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  2. I think this applies to not just physical beauty, but skill, personality, ability etc. Be happy with what you have and be proud of others for what they can do. We’re all unique and valuable.


  3. What a beautiful reminder. We all tend to forget about appreciating others and instead, we keep on comparing them to ourselves. I love the quote, we definitely need this mindset especially during times like this!


  4. The post was spot on and such a perfect representation of how girls and women are being affected by the over saturation of the stereotypical but severely flawed ideas of what it means to be beautiful in today’s society. That’s why it’s important to use our platforms like our blogs and social pages to send out positive messages about caring for, appreciating, embracing and celebrating our unique beauty, bodies and minds.


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