How I Plan to Stay Financially Fit in the Summer

Summer is finally here and we all know that this is the season where most people, young and old, gather together to hang out, celebrate, go on trips or vacations. This is my favorite season because it gives off such a relaxed vibe. People seem happier, days are longer, and layers of clothing are not mandatory! 🙂

For those of you who have been following my blog, my posts lately have been about saving money. I am just so inspired and happy to know that no matter where we are in life, we will always have what we need at hand if we only get creative!

Remember, “life tests our creativity when we think we do not have enough!” I believe my husband and I are a testament to this because even we were making just a little over half the money we usually make, we never failed to make it work!! 🙂13435984_10154414410639750_1270694607_n

I am incredibly thankful that my post, 5 Self-Care Practices that save me money, gave me this opportunity to collaborate with Credit Card Insider to share my plans on how to stay financially fit this summer.

To briefly introduce, Credit Card Insider  (Click name) is a wonderful company whose main objective is to enlighten younger people on how to make intelligent financial decisions as well as handle credit cards so it works to their benefit. If you’re just starting to build your credit, don’t know how to, or don’t know what to do next, do check out their website as they offer tons of information regarding these issues and have great resources on what kind of credit card works best for your situation (credit score, travel, school, work, etc.)  In addition, you can ask them specific questions you may have about credit cards on their website 🙂

I will still be continuing with the money-saving tips I gave from my previous blog posts; However, my specific plan for summer involves to following:

  1. Keep some money for savings – this is number one for me because who wants to return from summer vacation or a trip with no money in the bank? As much as we all want to live in vacation mode, life goes on after it..
  2. Travel with water ALL the time – I live in California and the summer heat here is no joke. Staying hydrated is one of my priorities year round but more so needed during the summertime. No one wants to experience heat stroke.. Travelling with water helps you stay hydrated and it keeps you away from ‘accidentally’ spending more. Because, when you go to the store “just to grab some water”, chances are higher of leaving with more than just that 🙂
  3. Make your own summer treats at home – Ahhh this is something I am looking forward to! New recipes to try and enjoy so please look out for them on my future posts. But yes, making summer treats at home helps you stay away from buying cold treats at the store. A treat once in awhile is nice but if you have nothing at home to help you beat the heat (home-made ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurts, iced teas, etc.) a trip to the store might become a routine! 😉
  4. Plan your trip(s) and use cash as much as possible – It’s a lot easier to get carried away and not know how much you’re actually spending when we swipe, swipe, swipe that card away. Keeping cash at hand will help you stay in your budget. Your wallet and bank account will thank you later!
  5. If you will be using your credit card, make sure you are able to pay it in full right awaythis is a must if you want to stay out of credit card debt and keep you at a good credit score.
  6. Don’t use money or credit that you do not havethis ties in very well with the statement above. Using money or credit that you do not have might give you temporary pleasure but could also provide long-lasting pain. Stress caused by financial issues are known to give you anxiety, sleepless nights, and relationships left uncared for! I know because I have been there.
  7. Don’t replace things that you can still use – whether it’s new camping gear or a new bathing suit–if you have one that’s still in good condition, why replace it? Once again, treating ourselves once in awhile is good and recommended– but if you’re going on a trip and buying everything new (unless it is your first time and you have saved up for it) you might just be giving yourself future problems..
  8. Sell items you no longer want/usehere is a great solution to number 7! There are a lot of ways you can sell unwanted items. You can either go all over your house, gather them, and set up a garage sale, or post them online on craigslist. Even better, we now have apps for that! I personally sell my pre-loved items on OfferUp. I know a few people who do so on facebook as well. Selling items that we no longer want and are just sitting around gives us more space at home, in our closet, and less space in our wallet 😉

There it is! That’s how I plan on staying financially fit this summer. How about you? I’d love to hear more financial tips and ideas to add to my list. 🙂

Happy Summer, Everyone!


7 thoughts on “How I Plan to Stay Financially Fit in the Summer

  1. Very useful tips and congrats on your collaboration, you’re definitely right with “life tests our creativity when we think we do not have enough” am actually now doing alot of DIY because I want to save, been a Major issue for me because I spend anyhow but your tips will sure help me..thanks for sharing


      1. Been trying on hair recipes, saving a lot because hair products are now more expensive, also working on diy fashion items


  2. You’re definitely right. Saving is not my way of exploring a wonderful summer. However, your ideas made me realize to be more keen on handling a budget for having such a creative summer getaway. Thanks a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

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