24 Years of Life

(Written May 04, 2016)

Been feeling quite emotional (in a good way) this morning especially after a wonderful message from my Instagram friend, @rdprice1. He expressed he’s had an unexpected heart bypass surgery in December and that my posts help him stay positive and inspire him to recover his strength. It was a nice thing to read on the first day of officially being 24.

I had a simple yet wonderful day yesterday, my birthday. It was my first time celebrating the actual day with Dom. My husband really put effort in making me feel special. He surprised me yesterday with this very artful cake from Federico’s Gourmet ItalianΒ Cookies, mango (my favorite fruit) scented candle, and a very adorable card. I really did not expect anything as I thought we were just going out for supper. We tried hook burger last night since it was something we’ve been wanting to try and although customer service was not the best, I enjoyed their food and shakes. πŸ™‚

And to commemorate my birthday, I made the following lists:

1. 24 Things I’m Grateful For

2. 24 Greatest Lessons I’ve learned

3. 24 Things to do for my 24th year


I can’t wait to tackle this year. I’m hopeful and expectant of all the wonderful presents God has prepared for me this year. ❀



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