24 Things I’m Grateful For

The following are the top things I’m thankful for in life at this current moment:

1. God– it has been an amazing journey getting to know you. From knowing about you only in books, to experiencing your presence in my life. You protected me from further damaging myself, and blessed me with every good thing I have in life. You never cease to show me what real love is on a daily basis and reveal me the areas where I need to learn and grow.

2. My husband– The biggest blessing I have received from God. I’m very fortunate to be given my husband at a young age and a husband who truly loves me for me. Dom has witnessed the darkest days of my life so far but stayed with me through it all.

3. My family– I am just very happy to have a family who loves one another.

4. My best friend Kayla– I thought I had bestfriends before her but I was wrong. They were good friends, yes. But this woman right here IS the BEST friend. It’s just different when you have that girl friend who wants to see you thrive and be happy but most of all, just be your best friend! Lol

5. My cousin Nikko– he was a light when I needed it the most.

6. Our current home– we are only renting out and it’s not the best looking spot in the neighborhood but I’m grateful I have a place I can walk around naked in without a care! πŸ™‚

7. My Passions– I am grateful I have the ability to recognize what they are.

8. Courage– I’ve had quite a number of times where I really had to gather all the courage I have to take a risk. From being a teenager in love to trying out a new line of work and moving to different places, to pursuing my dreams. I’m thankful for the courage to take risks!

9. My life experiences– all of them, the glorious and even the grievous ones. It helped shape who I am and encouraged me to learn and grow.

10. Fridge full of food– I have seen days where it had nothing and days where we ate dollar store food so seeing my fridge filled with good food is such a great blessing! πŸ™‚

11. My pets– Jasper who is in Canada, Sincere and Nique who are here–they’ve put precious smiles and laughter in my life and I’m grateful for it.

12. Living in California– what more can I say??? πŸ™‚ I’m thankful for snow-less winters and the view of the mountains that I get to enjoy almost everyday.

13. Anime– I grew up with the notion of anime not being cool and only enjoyed by a certain type of group. However, my husband introduced me to it as we watched Avatar: The last Air bender. I was amazed by how touching it is. It gave a lot of wise reminders to live by and helped me a lot during my dark days. We watched Bleach afterwards which I also loved and currently watching Naruto πŸ™‚

14. Jobs– Whenever I needed one, I was blessed abundantly with jobs that I enjoyed!

15. Desire to learn– there is beauty in gaining wisdom and I’m thankful for my hunger in attaining it.

16. Everyone who supports my dreams– you all help me keep going. Thank you.

17. Social Media– I believe SM is what you make it. There are days where I despise it but I’m thankful because it opened a lot of doors for expression, sharing, and connection. Because of it it is now easy to keep intouch with people you care about all over the world.

18. The sky the moon and the stars– they have provided me peace in the moment and unexplainable joy in my heart by just staring at them.

19. Zuzka Light– how can I forget! Zuzka has been an inspiration to me from the first time I encountered her on youtube. Her fitness video encouraged me to start taking care of myself and helped me get out of sever depression. She continues to inspire me by not being afraid to show her flaws and by not being defined by her past.

20. Filipino Food– not the most healthy but soo yummy and keeps me connected to my culture and background.

21. Christian Music– I’m grateful for it because it helped me praise in the storm and keep the hope alive when I feel like dying.

22. My finiancial lows– I’m grateful for encountering these at a young age because I get to use the rest of my life to do better, gain financial highs, and to not commit the same mistakes again.

23. My physical beauty– I love how I look and I am thankful for it. Thus, I enjoy taking care of it. ☺

24. Life– just thankful I get to experience the all of the above and more to come.


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