Favorite 5: Bodyweight Exercises

I was feeling quite cheerless today, so earlier, I tried forcing a huge smile on my face. Some say it will make you feel even just slightly better but instead, I felt loony πŸ™‚ By 3 AM I was still down and wide awake so I gave in to my hubby’s suggestion to go on a corner store run and get some comfort food. I bought myself a big bag of nacho cheese Doritos and ate half the bag. I felt better and focused on planning out the projects I have for this comingΒ month which has gotten me all excited!! So now, I’m reeaaalllly awake.

For some of you that do not know, my relationship with fitness solidified in 2011 as it helped me get out of a dreadful state. I was very unhappy with what became of me since moving to Canada late 2008. I went from being a city to a country girl (which I now greatly love) From being out late, on basically most days of the week, to just being at home with nowhere to go. I stopped doing what I enjoyed doing such as acting and dancing–and at that time, I had no means to be able to go to school to pursue my love for fashion. In addition, I had some teenage boy drama where I validated my worth through his acceptance.Β My self-esteem was drained and I ate anything and everything I wanted. Our house was never out of cookies, chips, and ice cream!! Sure, it may sound like heaven but that kind of abundance gained me 20 pounds of fat in just over a year.

During my first critical attack, I refused to talk to anyone including my sister. I remember literally locking myself in my bedroom and pushing my dresser against the door so no one could enter. I wallowed in my sorrow and to my desperation, I went on google to search for free online shrinks that could possibly help me get out of my depression.

I googled for hours and found no free online shrink. All I discovered were a bunch of articles that said the only person who can truly help me get out of severe depression was myself. I probably reflected on it for a couple of days and one morning, at exactly 4am, I asked myself what I don’t like that ultimately, I can change. I couldn’t change where I lived nor could I work to earn money (I was, at that time, on a study permit). I had no means of sending myself to school–and I definitely could not make someone love me. What I can change, however, is how I viewed myself. I got out of bed and examined myself in the mirror. I wasn’t happy with how I looked but what stood out to me the most were my thighs. I started there. I searched videos on YouTube and ended up on one of Zuzka Light’s workouts. It consisted of 4 bodyweight exercises with 25 reps each. That was it! I started right then and there and was utterly sore the following day. I then committed to working out once a week, which led me to doing so twice a week–until I was hooked and physically training everyday.

Fast forward to today: The workout regime I’ve been doing for a year now consists of 3 weeks weight training and 1 week of bodyweight workouts. I do this to avoid over-training and getting bored. I would occasionally give myself 1-2 weeks complete break when I feel my spirit yearning for it, which would eventually lead me to craving exercise once more. The first 2 years were solely bodyweight workouts with some light weights. For a time I tried just solely lifting weights but often found myself dreading the thought of lifting and skip on a workout or training too much to the point of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

With that said, I would like to share the TOP 5 bodyweight exercises I love the most! These moves gave me the enjoyment, satisfaction and results I wanted.

1. BurpeesΒ – The motion: Start in a plank position, keeping your core tight and your body in a straight line. Do a push-up, andΒ when youΒ go up from it, jump forward so your feet are by your hands, then do a jump squat–leaping as high and as explosive as you can. (Try doing 20 in a row! πŸ™‚ )
2. Alternating Jump LungesΒ – The motion: Start in a lunge position, placing your hands
behind your head or on your hips. From here, jump up and land to a lunge positionΒ on the opposite leg. (Try 15 in a row for 1 set)

3. Jump SquatsΒ – The motion: Start in a squat position, placing your hands behind your head, on your hips, or stretched forward. Squat down and jump up explosively. (Try 15 in a row for 1 set)

4. Dive BomberΒ – The motion: Start in a pike pressΒ position, lower your upper body to do a push up and as you lift back up, arch your back to a stretch.
5.Β One Legged Push-upsΒ – The motion: Start in a plank position, lift one leg, keeping the rest of your body in a straight line. Do a push-up. (Try 15 each leg for 1 set)

What is your favorite bodyweight exercise? Please do share with me below! πŸ™‚



46 thoughts on “Favorite 5: Bodyweight Exercises

  1. What a beautiful story, you’ve shared! Although, I got only a bite-size of it and left wanting to have more, I saw the gist of it.

    Sometimes, we cannot really change our circumstances, but we can certainly choose the way we view it, and find things to tackle them in a different, better way.

    I think I will be putting more mirrors on my pad walls. πŸ™‚

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  2. wow…you really have the determination sis…I’m so happy with what you are today..and i look up to what you have achieve… I’m certainly not there…for getting my body fit. Maybe because I’m a very thin person. I need to have a push factor in working out..I’m thankful that I have met you.

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    1. Thank you so much, Cassey πŸ™‚ I was very thin too before I moved to Canada. I think once you do a bit of exercise it will help you add some muscle mass. I am happy I met you too. Feel free to ask me if you need any help with exercise or anything πŸ™‚

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  3. Some great exercises here again! I have used Kayla Itsines BBG guide but have recently been so unhealthy and haven’t worked out for ages. I like to think it’s because of travelling but now that I’m staying input I know it’s not an excuse. Thats for the post, I hope this will motivate me to go for a run first thing in the morning. You are so right about its all how we look at ourselves!!

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  4. “I had some teenage boy drama where I validated my worth through his acceptance.” Sadly, I can relate to this so much – including the late nights and weight gain.

    I’m glad things are improving in your life. πŸ™‚


  5. Great story and motivational for me, since moving out of country, I have had hard time adjusting sometimes and keep saying if I could just get myself motivated to expercise or go for walks but it’s always raining and no trails around like i am used to.


  6. You look amazing with regular workout sessions every day and these are some great guidance on some of those body-weight exercises that could help many. To me the Alternating Jump Lunges and Jump Squats are the best to go with and thanks for the videos as well.


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