Intermittent Fasting

Update: I do not do Intermittent Fasting everyday anymore but my thoughts on it are still the same….I love it! I still do IF whenever I pig out eating out…or eating in hehe. I also do this whenever I am scheduled for my HIIT week!

Keepin it subtle, but sexy. ♉

It’s amazing what positive thinking can give you and where it can lead you. Lately I have been very inspired and motivated to work on myself. I came across “The Hodgetwins” on YouTube sometimes last week and got hooked to them mainly for entertainment. I later on found out that they are known for being the “muscle twins” or something like that. Anyway, I learned abut Intermittent Fasting from them which I started yesterday. Intermittent Fasting is (IF) is basically eating at a certain time interval. You fast for 16 hours to give your body more time to burn fat and consume the calories you need for the next 8 hours. This kind of dieting helps get rid of stubborn fat. Upon hearing that I became curious about it and figured to give it a try. I’ve been serious about my fitness for over a year now and the lower…

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